Why Should You Ask Questions When Buying A New Build House?

Posted on Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Why Should You Ask Questions When Buying A New Build House? 


Buying a new build house is an exciting time! You get to choose all the features that make up your dream home. But asking the right questions before signing the dotted line is important.

Asking these questions will ensure you understand what you're paying for and get the best deal possible. It can be overwhelming to consider everything you need to think about, but if you take the time to ask the right questions, you can make an informed decision.

So don't be afraid to ask questions – it could save you time, money, and stress in the long run!

What is a new build house?

When you're thinking of buying a new build home, you likely have many questions. After all, these homes are marketed to look amazing, but you have yet to see the inside, making it hard to know what you're getting. Plus, there's the cost factor - are new build homes expensive?

The answers to these questions, and more, will help you make an informed decision when buying a new home.

New Homes are Marketed to look amazing.

When considering a new build house, it's easy to be sold on the dreamy images of beautiful showhomes that have been professionally photographed. New home builders and estate agents use professional SEO marketing companies when selling new homes, as they generate good quality descriptions and ensure the properties look their best for buyers. 

However, it's important to remember to ask questions and get all the details before signing on the dotted line.

Don't be taken in by the polished images; ask questions to ensure the house is exactly what you need and want.

They have beautiful showhomes.

You'll be amazed by the beautiful showhomes; they're truly stunning!

From the manicured lawns and immaculate gardens to the chic and modern interior design, showhomes provide the perfect opportunity to experience the full potential of a new build house.

When viewing showhomes, it's important to consider the following:

1) Garden maintenance to ensure you can keep the outside of your home looking beautiful.

2) Legal issues associated with the property, such as any restrictions on property extensions.

3) Mortgage rates to ensure you can afford the home.

4) Energy efficiency ensures you can save money on your energy bills.

With showhomes, you can get a real sense of the potential of your new house. It's a great way to get inspired and envision your dream home.


The images are professional.


The images of showhomes are professionally taken, giving you a true sense of the possibilities available when buying a new build house.

From the home's energy efficiency to the neighbourhood amenities, the professional photos give you a better understanding of what you can expect from the builder.

You can also get a better sense of the builder's reputation and construction timeline and determine if they have the necessary building permits. With professional photos, you can make an informed decision about your new home purchase.

A new home has not been lived in


Asking questions is essential when looking at a new-build home that hasn't been lived in before. Not only must you ensure the building quality meets your standards, but you also need to ensure the home's energy efficiency meets regulations.

Ask your builder about any local amenities that could be included in the purchase and any buyer incentives they offer. Don't forget to inquire about customer service. If any issues arise after the purchase, you want to know that your builder will be there to assist.

It's important to ask questions when buying a new build house. You may find out about benefits that you hadn't previously considered. In addition, you should ask your builder for a detailed tour of the home to get a feel for the construction and materials used.

Ensure that you check out all the nooks and crannies and any potential issues that could arise. Ask questions about the home's energy efficiency and if any features could help reduce your utility bills. Make sure you get a good understanding of the customer service on offer and how any potential issues will be handled.

Asking questions when buying a new build house can make the process easier, help you make the right decisions, and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Are new build homes expensive?

Asking questions when buying a new build home is especially important when understanding the cost. While many new builds come with many benefits, they can often be more expensive than existing homes. However, this doesn't mean that the property won't offer value for money.

It's worth looking into the area's property values, the building's quality, the home's energy efficiency, the local amenities, and the current market trends. All of these factors should be considered when assessing the house's cost. By asking questions and researching, you can be sure to make an informed decision when buying a new build home.

Understanding what you are paying for

Are you looking to buy a new build house? Before you make the purchase, it's important to understand what you're paying for.

Do you know if the home has flooring included? Is the location worth the money you're putting in? Will the garden have a lawn or just decking and a patio. These are all important questions to ask yourself before signing the dotted line.

Do new builds have flooring?

When considering buying a new build house, it's important to ask questions about the flooring.

Will tiles be included, or will you have to purchase them separately? Is carpet part of the package, or will you need to shop around for that too?

Will you have the option of wood flooring, or will you need to install that yourself? Asking the right questions can help you make the most of your new home.


Are there tiles?


You may wish to inquire whether the new build house includes installed tiles. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, such as:


Tiles Quality:

  • Durability
  • Slip resistance
  • Colour


Energy Efficiency:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Light reflectivity
  • Solar gain


Installation Costs:

  • Cost of purchasing tiles
  • Cost of installation



  • Ability to transition between indoor and outdoor areas
  • Resistance to moisture
  • Ability to withstand high traffic


Upkeep Costs:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Sealing
  • Replacement of damaged tiles


Investing in tiles can be an excellent choice for your new build house, as they can't only be stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Still, they can also be extremely energy efficient and cost-effective in the long run. With the right research and information, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.


Is carpet included?


Carpeting can add warmth and comfort to your home, so considering whether it's included in the new build house is wise. With the right carpet, you can create a cosy atmosphere and make your house feel like a home. Moreover, carpets can reduce noise levels and provide insulation from the cold. Additionally, certain rugs are easier to clean and maintain than patio tiles or other flooring types.


Before signing a contract, check if the carpet costs are included and if there are any legal covenants or shared driveways that could affect the installation. Asking these questions can help ensure you get the carpeting you need to make your house a true home.

Will you include wood flooring?

Wood flooring is a great way to bring sophistication and style to your home, so it's worth considering for your new build. When asking about wood flooring, ask about the available types, warranties, and any local amenities that make the flooring more energy-efficient. It's also important to inquire about customer service associated with the purchase to ensure a positive experience. A good customer service team can help you make the most of your flooring choices and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Additionally, check if the flooring has any additional warranties or benefits that could save you money in the long run. Asking these questions upfront can help you make the best decision for your new build.

Is the location worth the money?


When considering a new build house, it's important to ask yourself if the location is worth the money. Take the time to judge if the site is nice. Look at the surrounding roads and do research online. This will help ensure you're making the right decision and investing in a place you can be proud of.

Try and judge if the location is nice.

Explore the neighbourhood - its parks, shops, restaurants, and other attractions - and get a feel for the area.

To judge if the location is nice, it's important to consider the following aspects:

Location Amenities:

  • Walkability
  • Access to public transportation
  • Proximity to local attractions

Traffic issues:

  • Road conditions
  • Traffic flow
  • Access to motorways

Resale value:

  • Past appreciation rates

  • Quality of nearby homes

  • Area reputation

Energy costs:

  • Type of insulation
  • Energy-efficient upgrades
  • Age of appliances

Price negotiations:

  • Incentives
  • Closing costs
  • Builder discounts

By carefully assessing the location and looking into the property's details, you can make a more informed decision and ensure that you're investing in a home that'll bring you joy and financial security.

Look at the surrounding roads.

Cruise down the roads around the location to get a real sense of the area and ensure it's the right fit for you.

As you drive around, pay attention to the condition of the roads, the traffic patterns, and the local amenities.

Look for signs of development, like modern building materials and a reasonable construction timeline.

Consider these factors as you determine if the location is the right fit for you.

Do your research to understand better the location you're considering. Check out online reviews, read up on local zoning laws, and find out what the area is like from the people there.

Go beyond the basics and take the time to explore online resources to gain an even better understanding of the area. Read reviews from people who have bought in the area, check out construction times for similar projects, and compare mortgage options available to you.

Additionally, look into any extra costs associated with the purchase, such as closing costs, inspection fees, and other related expenses.

Finally, research local amenities in the area to understand better what you're getting yourself into.

By doing your research online, you'll be better equipped to make an informed decision when buying a new build house.

Does the garden have a lawn?


Check if the garden has a lush lawn! When hunting for a new build house, it's important to ask about the garden's size and quality. Ask about the property - the grass type and soil quality. Also, research the climate and ask about necessary lawn maintenance such as fertilising, watering, and mowing.

When buying a new build house, ask about the garden's lawn. Find out if different grass types or turf varieties are available, and inquire about the soil quality—research necessary lawn care and maintenance such as watering, mowing, and fertilising. A lush, healthy lawn can make a beautiful addition to your new home and requires good soil quality, careful lawn maintenance, and the right type of grass.

Will you include a patio or decking?

When considering a new build home, it's essential to inquire about including a patio or decking. It's important to consider the size of the deck or decking and the soil quality underneath to ensure the space will be a visual asset and energy efficient. Additionally, it's important to inquire about the cost of the decking and any potential restrictions on construction.

Considering the size, soil quality, cost, and visual appeal of the patio or decking can help ensure that the new build home is ready for relaxation and entertaining. The deck or decking can add a unique element to the house while providing family and friends with a comfortable outdoor living space.

With careful consideration of the size, soil quality, cost, and visual appeal of the patio or decking, a homeowner can ensure that they're making a wise and informed decision about the new build home. Asking questions about the patio or decking can help buyers get the most out of their new home.


Legal Questions to Ask When Buying a New Build House


When considering buying a new build house, there are some important legal questions to ask.


Are there any restricted covenants that will limit how you use the property?

Can you extend the property or make improvements?

Do you have full access to the driveway, or is it shared with another party?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you make sure that you understand your legal rights and responsibilities as a homeowner.

Are there any restricted covenants?

Have you checked for any restrictions or covenants that may apply to your new build house? Covenants are legally binding rules by the local authority or developer, limiting what you can do with the property.

For example, if a shared driveway is present, the covenant may dictate the types of boilers you can use or the time it takes to construct the garden lawn. While it may seem tedious to look over the covenants, they are an important part of the home-buying process. They should not be overlooked when considering interest rates or other financial obligations.

Knowing the restrictions and covenants of a new build house is essential in understanding the implications of a purchase. It's important to read over any covenants carefully and understand them fully before signing any contracts.

This will ensure you and your family can maximise the property and avoid potential legal pitfalls. Remember that if you don't understand something, you can ask the developer or local authority for clarification.

Can I extend the property?

Considering A property extension is important when purchasing a newly built home. Before taking action, it's important to check if the local council has any regulations preventing you from extending the property.

You'll also need to be aware of any building regulations and the proposed extension's environmental impact. If you consider extending the property, applying for planning permission is advisable. This will give you the green light to begin the process and any necessary permissions to start the work.

It's also important to check if any restrictions in place could prevent you from extending the property without the permission of the local council. To ensure your property extension goes ahead without any issues, it's important to research the local council regulations, building regulations, and environmental impact before proceeding.

Do I have full access to the driveway?

Determining whether you have full access to the driveway before buying a new build house is essential. After all, the driveway is a crucial part of your property, and you should ensure you have full access to it without worrying about any legal entanglements.

Before making your purchase, it's also important to ask about any additional costs associated with the driveway, such as paving or landscaping fees. Knowing the full extent of your driveway access is an integral part of the new build purchasing process, and it's important to ask the right questions to ensure you have all the information you need.

When asking questions about your driveway access, be sure to also inquire about any other upgrade options, such as flooring or lighting, that you may have. You should also consider asking any legal questions that may arise, such as who's responsible for the upkeep or maintenance of the driveway.

Asking these questions before you purchase the new build house will help you make an informed decision and ensure you have full access to the driveway without any unwanted surprises.

Is it a shared driveway?


Now that you know whether you have full access to the driveway, you should also ask whether it's a shared driveway. This is particularly important when purchasing a new build house. A shared driveway can significantly affect your new build costs, flooring options, garden design, and the amount of location research you need to do.

To make the process more enjoyable and relatable, here are a few things you should consider when it comes to shared driveway access:

New Build Costs

  • Ask about the cost of the driveway and who's responsible for its maintenance.
  • Find out if there's an additional cost for the shared driveway access.
  • Inquire about any extra costs associated with the shared driveway.

Flooring Options

  • Ask about the flooring types allowed in the shared driveway.
  • Determine if any specific regulations must be followed regarding flooring options.
  • Find out if any additional costs are associated with installing the flooring.

Garden Design

  • Ask about the rules and regulations for gardening in the shared driveway.
  • Determine if any specific restrictions must be followed regarding garden design.
  • Inquire about the costs of landscaping or any other garden design elements.

By thoroughly researching the shared driveway access, you can make an informed decision about purchasing a new build house.

Are new-build mortgages expensive?


When buying a new build house, you may wonder if a new build mortgage is more expensive than a traditional one.

The rates for a new build mortgage are the same as those of a standard mortgage, so you don't need to worry about shelling out extra cash.

The interest rate depends on the market so that it can rise and fall like any other type of loan.

So, don't fear those new build mortgages – they can be just as good a deal as any other mortgage!

Are the rates the same as normal mortgages?

You're paying a premium for a new build house, so don't forget to ask if the rates are the same as for a regular mortgage - you don't want to pay more than you should!

Buying a new build house is an exciting prospect, but you must ensure you have all the financial information you need before you commit. Ask the estate agents, who'll be familiar with the mortgage rates of the new build homes. Also, ask to see showhomes if they're available.

Make sure to ask any legal questions you may have. This will help you make an informed decision and give you peace of mind.

Remember that it's your money and your future, so it's worth taking the time to ensure you understand the new build's mortgage rates. You don't want to be paying more than you should be. Doing your due diligence and asking the right questions will ensure you get the best deal and help you make an informed decision. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you understand the mortgage rates of the new build before you buy.

What is the interest rate?

Be sure to inquire about the interest rate of a new build house, as this could make a big difference in how much you pay. Knowing the mortgage rates of a new build house will give you the power to make an informed decision.

When visiting a new build showhome, ask legal questions about the mortgage rates to understand the overall costs better. Also, ask about upgrade options and how the mortgage rates are affected. Having all the information upfront will allow you to make a more educated decision when purchasing a new build house.

Do not be afraid to ask the builder questions about the interest rate, as this is an important factor to consider when buying a new build house. Understanding the mortgage rates will help you make an informed decision and allow you to plan for any additional costs that may arise.

Keep in mind that the mortgage rates of a new build house may differ from standard mortgages. Be sure to inquire about all the details when purchasing, and don't hesitate to ask questions for clarification.

What type of boiler & water system is there?

When considering buying a new build house, it's essential to ask questions about the type of boiler and water system installed.

Are you looking for a gas or electric heating system?

How about a mega flow system?

Or perhaps you're more interested in a standard combi boiler?

Let's explore the options available and ensure you find the best one for you and your new home.

Is it gas or electric heating?


It's essential to ascertain whether the new build house is equipped with gas or electric heating. Knowing the difference between these two systems can greatly impact your overall energy costs.

Gas heating systems are usually more affordable in the long run, requiring less maintenance than electric systems. Electric heating is a great option if you live in an area with high electricity rates, as it may be cheaper than gas. Gas systems are often more efficient than electric ones, so they may be the better choice if you want to reduce your energy bills.

When considering the type of heating system to install in your new build house, it's important to consider your budget, energy requirements, and legal matters. It's also worth researching the current mortgage rates, build times, and flooring choices to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Depending on your new build house's boiler types and water systems, gas or electric heating may be the best option. Asking questions and doing research can help you make an informed decision about purchasing a new build house.

Mega flow system

Take advantage of the modern convenience of a mega flow system in your new build home and enjoy the reliable, energy-efficient heating it provides. With a mega flow system, you can be confident that your heating needs are met. The system is designed to be easy to maintain and has safety regulations to ensure your home remains secure.

Plus, you can rest assured that the building materials used are weather-resistant and energy-efficient. Here are four benefits of having a mega flow system:

1. It's designed to be long-lasting and reliable.

2. It's easy to maintain.

3. It meets safety regulations.