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A trusted team of professionals to manage your house sale or letting portfolio, with unrivalled knowledge about the Elstree area and property market, our company is one that you can trust.

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Selling or Letting an Elstree property with Simmons Estates

We know Elstree better than most, allowing us to offer a premium estate agency service to anyone looking to sell Elstree property.

Our expert knowledge of property and the area, high level of service and ability to negotiate the highest house prices for our clients has made us Elstree's most recommended estate agent for over 25-years.

Simmons Estates has been open since 1996, with a team filled with residents that know what it is like to live in Elstree & Borehamwood, giving us unrivalled local knowledge.

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Our office is opposite Elstree & Borehamwood train station. It is perfectly located to give each of our properties maximum exposure

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Knowing Elstree, the property,
and the people moving here is what makes
a great local estate agent

Simmons has been selling property in Elstree for over 25 years, expanding our main Borehamwood office to handle premium property sales in both areas. We have seen each road and property develop year on year, with the area changing beyond recognition. Having this level of knowledge makes the difference.



Elstree is a small village surrounded by rolling fields and countryside, on the edges of London.

Located just a 25-minute train journey from Kings Cross, Elstree is an attractive location for anyone looking for an easy commute to central London.

There are many restaurants within walking distance of all residents of Elstree. The village is separated by a short bridge on Allum Lane, giving easy access to Borehamwood town centre and few shops & restaurants in High Stree, Elstree. The area has many new build properties, but it's still packed with character. 

Elstree is the perfect location for anyone looking to feel like they are in the countryside and London. 


Yavneh College is only a 10-minute walk from Allum Lane, Elstree. The village gives residents easy access to one of the UK's leading Jewish schools.

One of the UK's leading private schools, Haberdashes, is located in Elstree, conveniently located within a 2-minute drive from nearly all properties in the area.



Premier Lettings

Property in Elstree rents at premium levels, with rental figures increasing year on year.

Using an expert lettings agent that knows the market ensures you achieve the best rent from your investment, giving you the best possible yield.

Do you want to find out how much rent your property will achieve?

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Maximum Exposure

We take pride in taking the best photos and presenting our listings to stand out.

As premium members of Rightmove & Zoopla, our listings get an extra boost and are visible at the top of the search pages, getting up to 10x more views than our competitor's adverts.

Give your property the edge & instruct Simmons Estates

As Simmons Estates is responsible for most property sales in Elstree, we always have access to property and clients that have purchased both houses and apartments that may not want to advertise their property on Rightmove and Zoopla.

This allows us to offer clients unique opportunities to buy a property not visible on the property portals, and negotiate great prices, for property in the area with low profile discussions with serious buyers.


Finding a suitable buyer for a house in Elstree can take 6-10 weeks. This depends on the house type, road and condition of the property.

Houses worth less than £1,000,000 in Elstree tend to sell relatively quickly, as there is very little competition in this price range in the area. We have found that we can find a buyer for a house worth less than £1,000,000 in under 6-weeks.

Selling a property priced between £1,000,000 and £2,000,000 in Elstree can take between 8-10 weeks, with the latter taking longer, as fewer buyers are in this price range.

Properties worth over £2,000,000 can take the longest to sell, depending on their road. Although, property worth over £2,000,000 on roads like Barham Avenue, Links Drive, Deacons Hill Road & Barnet Lane can sell very quickly.

There are very few apartments in Elstree, so selling them is pretty straightforward. Most apartment blocks are located on premium roads, just a short walk from the train station. These roads are Links Drive, Deacons Hill Road, Allum Lane & Barnet Lane, where the average house prices are more than £1,000,000.

There are very few 1-bedroom apartments in Elstree, and when the few available are put on the market, they tend to sell quickly.

2-bedroom apartments in Elstree are the most common, and their prices range between £300,000 & £850,000, depending on the block and location. Most 2-bedroom apartments in the area sell within 6-weeks.

There are only a handful of 3-bedroom apartments in Elstree, and when these are marketed, they generally sell within 4-6weeks.

As Elstree is a premium market, we go above and beyond with our marketing, ensuring the property we are selling stands out. All of our photos are professionally edited and checked by senior staff members. Our marketing material is thorough, and we ensure our properties are advertised on the best property portals available (Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime Location).

As Elstree is a small market, we are constantly talking to buyer's looking to move here. By regularly contacting eager buyers, we can generate viewings within minutes of being instructed to sell a property.

Our team in Elstree has been responsible for over 90% of all completed sales in the past 20-years.

We go above and beyond when selling property in Elstree. Our knowledge of the location and our ability to generate the highest prices for our clients makes us invaluable. Knowing the difference in values of the property on every road & being able to justify the prices to potential buyer’s lets us get more for you.

Simmons Estates has sold the most expensive houses on every road in Elstree, and we continue to push prices higher for our clients. We aim to introduce the best buyer for each property we sell at the highest price.

Many sellers want to save money on estate agent fees, and as Elstree is a small area, many potential buyers approach sellers directly in the hope of finding a good deal. They do this by leafleting, social media or by speaking to friends that have contacts in the local area.

The reality is that a seller does save a fee, but in most cases, they do not receive the best price for their property, and the price difference costs them more than an estate agency fee. As property prices in Elstree are usually over £1,000,000, we have found sellers take between 2-4% (£20,000-£40,000) less from a private buyer, rather than paying an estate agent £10,000-£14,000 to secure a higher price.

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